• Meet diverse customer's credit need and purpose: loan, credit issuance, L/C, overdraft,….
  • Credit limit: Subject to customer's need and repayment ability, 10 billion VND
  • Credit term: Subject to customer's need, maximum 120 months
  • Currency: VND, foreign currency
  • Sponsor menthod: Limit and one-time
  • Repayment method : Principle, interest:
  • Principle: monthly/quarterly/end term
  • Interest: monthly, on outstanding credit on interest period.
  • Grace period: Up to 12 month, subject to need of time to deploy fixed-asset
  • Collateral/Account number/Contract of deposit/Account balance; real estate subject to ABBANK's regulation
Customer: Micro business (last fiscal year under 25 billions VND), from family or individual bussiness, start-up, bussiness splitted from corporation in need of credit granting (loan, credit isssuance, L/C, overdraft,…) for bussiness activities.